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To offer products that make it fun and/or easy for parents so they can spend more quality time with their family and less time worrying or stressing. 

think tank & Partners

ginelle mills

Founder, CEO

HI, HELLO, BONJOUR, HOLA, CIAO, NAMASTE, HALLO, OLÀ, SALAAM, OHAYO, MARHABA, my name is Ginelle and I welcome you to Cheerful Child. I believe in helping one another and together we are stronger.


I was born to create and that resides not just in products and ideas but in creating a life for my family and creating a life around helping others. I am charged every morning not just by my celery juice and coffee but with the simple idea that maybe today is the day I make a difference and possibly come up with something that makes your life easier. Thank you for visiting Cheerful Child where EVERYONE is welcome. 

Creative Work


Cheerful Child has many faces behind the brand. Our success stems from other local and non-local entrepreneurs and businesses. Like a master mind group we share thoughts, ideas  and resources. 


Each business under Cheerful Child has been derived from collaboration with others. We appreciate our outside teams and the support and help from other "Shark Tankers". Businesses such as Fiverr, Upwork, Alibaba, Freelancer and Shopify have been essential in starting and continue to help run our small businesses. 

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